What’s all this about Membership?

The Betty Danger Country Club memberships exist to provide socializing, leisure activities, and camaraderie to its members who support, defend, and protect a variety of creative arts in Northeast and beyond. We’d love for you to join our demented country club today!

Five Things You Need To Know About Membership

  1. There are three (3) levels of Membership: Supporter, Defender, and Protector. Protectors pay a lot more than Supporters, but they get a lot more perks, like Extended Hours.
  2. To be eligible to be a Protector, you need to either be an Artist / Designer / Writer / Performer / Inventor / DIY-er, give a creative offering or gift (barter), work at or own a company that has a proven record of supporting the creative art, have some dusty old money or shiny new money and aren’t particularly thrilled with the personal satisfaction it has given and will commit to fighting the status quo, or a propensity for leisure in Mexampton.
  3. You pay an initiation fee and a monthly fee.
  4. There are Sporting Life Parties that you’ll be invited to. Protectors get guaranteed entry.
  5. There are Private Powered Lockers where you can store whatever you like at the club.

We hope everyone can join our country club on crack!