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Is Betty Danger’s really a country club?
No, but it should be.  Due to the recent pandemic, we are currently a cocktail bar and partial restaurant pretending to be a country club.


What are your hours?

Due to Mr. Virus and government mandates, Betty Danger’s is selling ticketed reservations for patio seating.  Good thing we have a large and spacious and amenity filled patio!  Advanced tickets for reservation packages are on sale now. For booking information click here.

Please see booking information for seat reservation times

Due to the current pandemic, are there special rules?

We ask that you keep a 6 foot distance from other guests when humanly possible.  We also request that you wear a mask while walking through the establishment.  Please do not touch our knick-knacks and whatnots or anything else that does not seem necessary.  We will do our best to keep our contact with you (human to human) to a minimum while still trying to enable you to have an excellent time in our establishment.

What type of food do you serve?
Due to the recent pandemic, Betty Danger’ is offering limited food service until further notice.  We are focusing on cocktails and fun at this time.  We encourage you to enjoy yourself with cocktails, but we will offer a limited selection of tasty chicken & treats.  This food will be available at the walk up window near the Danger. We encourage to purchase a ticket for Psycho Suzi’s down the street for their patio experience.  They also have an excellent patio.

Are my children welcome?
Well behaved mini-adults are welcome. There is no reduced admission for mini adults.  Mini adults must be 50” to enjoy the Danger or to have golf clubs in their possession.  Remember, we are not an amusement park.  We are a bar/restaurant pretending to be a country club.  We welcome all kinds of families, especially those with no children, adult children, and older children. We strongly encourage you to have all kinds of responsible parenting skills, and a tight grip when bringing in mini-adults that are really mini.

Where do I park?
We have our own free parking lot and there is ample free street parking, though you may have to walk a few blocks. We also have bike racks.

Can I rent Betty Danger’s out for a private event?
We are not taking private rentals or group reservations at this time.  For further information or questions you can email us at

How can I ride on the Ferris Wheel?
First of all, Betty doesn’t sell rides, nor does she have a Ferris wheel. You must be seeing things. She has a mechanical looking tree that she calls “The Danger” that you can dine or drink on which vertically rotates and stops at different perch points.  Currently, Betty Danger’s is a cocktail bar (with limited food) that offers people an opportunity to drink and nibble on some finger foods on our vertically rotating patio.

In the winter, we offer Christmas themed beverages during Mary’s Christmas Palace (our Christmas Pop-up) for you to enjoy while taking in the winter sights (similar to a sleigh ride.) In the summer, you can partake in a cocktail and perhaps a few nibbles available from our food truck.

What is The Danger experience?
The standard Danger Experience is about 8-12 minutes. The experience is a series of cycling and stopping, allowing you to take in the various views of the city from different perch points.  You’ll get a nice view of the Mississippi river, Minneapolis skyline and interesting industrial landmarks that shape the Northeast neighborhood.

Can I play golf or ride the Danger without purchasing anything?
No. You must have a pre-paid ticket to enter the premises.  We are a currently a cocktail bar and patio with nibbles pretending to be a country club which requires a beverage purchase to sit at a revolving table in the sky, silly.  Again, not an amusement park…we are a bar and restaurant.  Trust Betty, she’s an excellent hostess and wants all of her friends fed and happy.

How does Poodles & Palms Putt & Play golf work?
Golf is on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive early for best tee times. Golfing is currently included with your purchase for unlimited golfing. After your last hole, please return your equipment to the caddie shack.

Do I have to be a member to visit Betty Danger’s?

Is Betty Dangerous?