The crucial information

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Is Betty Danger’s really a country club?
No, but it should be.  We are a restaurant/bar pretending to be a country club.


What are your hours?

Fall / Winter Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 4:30pm – 11pm
Friday: 4:30pm – Midnight
Saturday: 10am – Midnight
Sunday: 10am – 10pm

The Danger will operate on a different schedule seasonally, weather dependent. Golf course will close at first snow fall and reopen in the spring.

What type of food do you serve?
Betty has created her own genre of Mexi-Cali food.  It’s a wonderful combination, she thinks. Midwestern & California produce, freshness & bright colors, natural quality meats, select seafood, cheese, Mexican peppers, and Palm Springsland!

Are there house rules?
Yes, any respectable Country Club has House Rules. Please see Betty Danger’s Country Club Code of Conduct.

Are my children welcome?
Well behaved mini-adults are welcome. Mini adults must be 50” to dine on the Danger or to have golf clubs in their possession. We do welcome all kinds of families, especially those with no children, adult children, and older children. We strongly encourage you to keep an open mind, have all kinds of responsible parenting skills, and a tight grip when bringing in mini-adults that are really mini.

Where do I park?
We have our own parking lot, offer valet service throughout the summer and on weekends in the winter, as well as offer a Tiki Tram service in the summer that will allow you to park anywhere along the route and not have to walk. There is ample free street parking, though you may have to walk a few blocks. 

There are several bike racks on site on Lowry Ave. Nice Ride bike rental is across the street at River Liquors. There is a bus stop on the corner of Marshall and Lowry where the 32 bus stops. The number 11 bus stops at Lowry and Grand, which is merely 1 block from Betty’s. The Pedi-cabs are often available during the summer. Uber, Lyft, standard taxis and limos are also an option. Helicopters can land on the roof. (Just kidding)

Can I rent Betty Danger’s out for a private event?
Yes! Email us at to find out how.

How can I ride on the Ferris Wheel?
First of all, Betty doesn’t sell rides, nor does she have a Ferris wheel. You must be seeing things. She has a mechanical tree that she calls “The Danger” that you can dine or drink on which vertically rotates and stops at different perch points. Betty Danger’s is a restaurant/bar that offers people food and/or beverages on our vertically rotating patio.

In the winter, we offer warm beverages for you to enjoy while taking in the winter sights (similar to a sleigh ride.) In the summer, you can eat your meal on the Danger or partake in  a cocktail.  In the summer, please find your way to the plaid Caddie Shack or any bartender or server to assist you in getting a ticket for a vertically revolving table on the Danger.

What is The Danger experience?
The standard Danger Experience is about 12-15 minutes. The experience is a series of cycling and stopping, allowing you to take in the various views of the city from different perch points.  You’ll get a nice view of the Mississippi river, Minneapolis skyline and interesting industrial landmarks that shape the Northeast neighborhood. You can expect 5 full rotations during your experience.  (Guests will be encouraged to use the restroom before boarding as to not disrupt the other guests with excessive stops.)

Do I have to have a foursome for the wheel?
No. You do not need sidekicks, however, you can’t ride the wheel alone, as this is not allowed. Betty will be matchmaker and match you with strangers. Solos will be sat with other solos. The maximum amount of people allowed per gondola is four. You are buying a seat at a small and moving table. If you have four people, that is wonderful, but you won’t get the privilege of expanding your world view by socializing with new and exotic strangers that way.  If there is a long line of people, we will seat groups together (if we must.)  However, we will try to let each twosome or threesome have their own private gondola.

Can I play golf or ride the Danger without purchasing anything?
No. We are a restaurant/bar pretending to be a country club and that requires purchasing food or beverages to sit at a revolving table, silly. Trust Betty, she’s an excellent hostess and wants all of her friends fed and happy.

How does Poodles & Palms Putt & Play golf work?
Our golf course is now dog friendly!!  Dine and drink with your pup!  It is part golf course and part dog park.  Golf is on a first come first serve basis.  Please arrive early for best tee times.  Golfing can be purchased at the caddie shack, food truck or from any server or bartender during open season.  Your package will include an adult beverage (or non-alcoholic beverage if you prefer), your club and ball, score card, and round of golf.  After your last hole, please return your equipment to the caddie shack.  Golf course will close at first snow fall and reopen in the spring.

What happens if it rains and I’ve already purchased a package for The Danger or Golf?
Our best advice is to check the weather and understand you are a willing participant of the outdoor activities and the elements… of which we have no control.  The wheel cannot operate in the rain for safety reasons, but you are welcome to golf in the rain if you’d like.   If the apocalypse occurs, or it starts to storm, or lightening is in the area, we will have to stop service on The Danger, and you will be issued a voucher for later Danger. You will not be refunded for your meal or beverage if service has started. We will still serve these to you and assist you in finding a spot in which to finish dining.  If, due to a mechanical or maintenance issue and The Danger cannot operate, we will offer a rain check or offer a refund for any unused services.

Do I have to be a member to visit Betty Danger’s?

How do I become a member?
Applications for membership are available online or at the Club. Please go to our membership page where you can download applications and instructions as well as learn about the wonderful joys and benefits of being a member.

Is Betty Dangerous?

Below you will learn how to be the most prep of the Prep at Betty Danger’s. We have made available The Sporting Life, a guide to drinking and sport; an excerpt of Betty’s Lexicon (specifically an excerpt of her entries for the letter “C”); and other necessary curiosities.

Now for an excerpt, specifically the letter “C”, from:

The Lexicon

chip [chip]

1) The epitome of prep names. A Chip can drink manhattans while playing polo and ogling Muffy. He is a future governor.
2) Made of corn and eaten with salsa.

cock•tail [kok-teyl]
Mummy’s prerequisite for any good day.

col•lege [kol-ij]
1) Only Havard, Yale, Stanford, or UW-Stout will do.
2) A place that is rumored to teach you things, especially if grandfather gave them an endowment.

co•til•lion [kuh-til-yuh n, koh-]
A fancy party where debutantes either find husbands or sit on plaid chairs lined against the wall.

coun•try club [kuhn-tree] [kluhb]
A club-like club, with a clubhouse and caddie shack, fiberglass animals and a vertical revolving patio for dining. Offers various social activities including golf, drinking, and discussions of wallpaper patterns.

cute [kyoot]
1) Highest preppy accolade from a Valley Girl
2) Worst insult ever