Membership Mission: Betty Danger’s Country Club memberships exist to provide socializing, leisure activities, and camaraderie to its members who support, defend, and protect a variety of creative arts in Northeast and beyond. Join our demented country club today!

Please note:  Membership is not required….it’s just less dull.

For more information, email us at and/or keep reading.

Membership Details

Supporter Defender Protector
Initiation Fee $99 $99
Monthly Dues $10 $167
Membership Card X X X
Purchase 5 Margaritas, Get 1 Free X X X
Participate in the Annual Member Art Show X X X
Access to Monthly Social Workshops X X X
Clubs within a Club X X
Showcase your Art X X
Roaming Tea Time  X X
Brass Name Plate Listing in the Club X X
Locker Access X X
Complimentary Unlimited Danger & Golf X X
15% off at Betty Danger’s X
25% off at Betty Danger’s X
Complimentary Monthly Danger & Golf for All X
Danger: Priority Access X
Personalized Locker X
Club Portrait X

All Member Privileges:Drink

Membership Card

To be carried on your person at all time

Purchase 5 Margaritas, Get 1 Free

Margaritas in Mexampton couldn’t be more delightful. Betty wants to make sure that her members are never thirsty.

Participate in Annual Member Art Show

Once a year Betty hosts an Annual Member Art Show. Members may invite their friends and present their art to all of Mexampton.

Access to Monthly Social Workshops

Member can attend Monthly Social Workshops to listen to a fellow member speak about their passions and socialize with one another.

Defender & Protector Privileges

Drinks-+-BottleClubs Within a Club

Clubs within a Club is a way for fellow Members to share interests, commonalities, and get together to have a great time.  We encourage all members to get involved as we help create an environment where Members can create and run their own specialty Clubs, such as a Beer Club, Motorcycle Club, or a wallpaper discussion group! Clubs don’t have to have any formal component.  (i.e.  Two members who want to regularly hang out and enjoy some whiskey can start “Whiskey and whiskers” and meet up every Wed at 4:30.  Hey, you just started a club.  If you think 2 or 10 people will show up, then we’ll set aside a table for you in the Garden, Garage, or outside) Members decide whether they want to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss, sample or do something active. Our Club Director is happy to assist in finding like-minded Members, providing tips and assisting with getting the Clubs up and running.  The Club will work with members to co-sponsor events throughout the year.  As membership grows, so will the various clubs.

Showcase your Art

Defenders & Protectors who have an eye for art may hang and sell their artwork in the club.

Roaming Tea Time

Defenders and Protectors get our happy hour special throughout the Village of Mexampton (normally limited to the bar) during designated Tea Time which is currently 4-6pm.  (Danger not included)

Brass Name Plate Listing in the Club

Get noticed at the club. Defenders and Protectors will have their name (and optional title) engraved and posted on the BDCC Member Plaque.

Locker Access

Defenders have access to lockers.  Please inquire about pricing.  These are on a first come first serve basis. Lockers can hold a variety of personal belongings including: electronics, your personal teacup, handbags, keys, etc.  Kittens in lockers are not allowed.  Access is secured by two keyed locks (like a safety deposit box).  There are just 72 private lockers available.   There are just 24 powered lockers that have prime visible access, brass nameplates with your selected name, and outlets…so Protectors can charge phones, iPads, or whatever, too.

Unlimited Danger

Defenders have unlimited access to the Danger & Golf for themselves +1 guest.

15% Off at Betty Danger’s

Defenders receive 15% off all beverages, food, retail and event space rentals Betty Danger’s Country Club.

Protector PrivilegesDrink-Cart

25% Off at Betty Danger’s

Protectors receive 25% off all beverages, food, retails and event space rentals at Betty Danger’s Country Club.

Complimentary Unlimited Danger & Golf

Protectors have unlimited access to the Danger & Golf for their entire party.

Danger: Priority Access

Protectors can skip any line for the Danger. Protectors will be seated at the next available revolving table for their group (up to 4) because they are the masters of the universe.

Personalized Locker

Lockers can hold a variety of personal belongings including electronics, your personal teacup, handbags, keys, etc. Kittens in lockers are not allowed. Access is secured by two keyed locks (like a safety deposit box). Prime visible access with brass nameplates to display your selected name.

Club Portrait

Be immortalized on the Club’s wall with your very won preppy portrait.


• Be an Artist / Designer / Writer / Performer / Inventor / DIY-er (problem solver)

• Give a creative offering or gift (barter)

• Work at or own a company that has a proven record of supporting the creative arts

• Have some dusty old money or shiny new money and aren’t particularly thrilled with the personal satisfaction it has given…and will commit to fighting the status quo

• Propensity for leisure in Mexampton

Membership Dues

Defender and Protector groups can be paid in trade or in-kind, because it’s not your fault you aren’t a Rockefeller. Please inquire about our list of current available barters. Memberships are annual and aren’t renewed unless you renew them. However, if your membership lapses by more than a month, you will be required to pay the initiation fee again. Memberships run from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 for everyone. Initiation fees are a one time fee. Initiation fees cover the cost of membership cards, paperwork handling, computer programming, locker keys and nameplates (if applicable) and generally just set the tone that you are a halfway committed person. Supporters pay in full for the entire year. Defenders and Protectors are billed the first of the month.

Privileges can change at any time and are not guaranteed, however, not offering valuable privileges to members is just not smart or polite. From time to time, privileges will be tweaked or changed… which adds to the charm.  We welcome feedback from our members.

Our sincerest thanks to our valuable members.


Trevor Pearson, Gary Kirt, Tom E. and Margaret Burling, Lili Hall, Peter Hunner, Tom Westbrook, Eda Schmidt, Scott Seekins, Andrew Evans


Corey Welter, Samuel Wolfson, Colton “Colt” Stewart-Garcia, Jon Perkins, Mary Solberg, Cathy Vander Schans, Kaylee Weycker, Jonathan (Jon) Gorzycki, Nicole Houff, Jake McGill, Dustin Turner, Michele McCabe, Robert “Bob” Marget, Andrea Pizza, Matt Gulseth, Samantha Frydenlund, Angie Halgrimson, Rich Kleber, Nels Gjengdahl, Timothy J Koteles, Taylor Surdyk, Alex Carter, Bobbi Peacock, Nate Hildre, Anthony Robinson, Peter O’Connor, Steve Makousky, Brion Finlay, Jim Keenan, Bruce (Fred) Glover, Sandy Dahlin-Lester, Jade Patrick, Scott Holm, Grant John, Braton Johnson, Bob Schriver, Kathleen Dupre, Zack Wallenfang, Amy and Kevin Connors, Matt Heath, Melissa McConnell, Zak Knudson, Jenna Raines, Will Garner, Bill Brown, Lars Meilleur, Elizabeth McCabe, Mark Jackson, Lisa Paupang, Bree and Doug Adelmann


Too many lovelies to list.