Reservations & Amenities


Please call 612.315.4997 to inquire, or find us on OpenTable.

*Please note: reservations are for the dining room only. The Danger (wheel) & Patio seating is on a first come first served basis.

The Danger

Betty Danger’s Country Club has many wonderful amenities not often found in “exclusive” country clubs.  For one thing, we are a restaurant and bar and we welcome everyone!   That is why we are the country club for the 99%.  No membership required.

Only silly people would pay $25,000-$250,000 to join a club that doesn’t even offer a Mechanical Tree (vertically revolving patio) for drinking and dining. These clubs probably go so far as to match their wallpaper, too! Betty says that there is no point in life to waste good money on such dullness. At Betty Danger’s, country club life is a little less dull.

The Danger, our vertically revolving patio (or Mechanical Tree) features open air dining cars where you can dine and drink as you rotate around and then stop at various perching points. (We call it going nowhere at a leisurely pace.) As our friends load at timed increments, the mechanical tree will stop at different points to allow guests to take in a variety of views of the Village of Mexampton below and of the surrounding Northeast Arts District. You must be 50″ tall to participate.

The-Danger-IconThe experience is a series of cycling and stopping, allowing you to take in the various views of the city from different perch points. You can expect 5 full rotations (approximately 20 minutes) during your experience. (Friends will be encouraged to use the restroom before boarding as to not disrupt the other friends with excessive stops.)

All current package prices are posted at the Caddie Shack and vary slightly by the season. Activities are included as part of a package (as we are a restaurant); individual activities cannot be purchased.

In the wintertime or during cool spring & fall temperatures, we offer warm comforting beverages and polar fleece blankets.   However, we suggest dressing appropriately for outdoor temperatures.  During winter wonderland season, you will be able to  take in the wintry sights and holiday lights, just like a festive sleigh ride…and it’s only 15 minutes, so it’s a little winter mini adventure!


The Golf


Welcome to Betty Danger’s Monetary Correction Golf Course located in the Village of Mexampton.  Our 8 1/2 hole course is better than Shinnecock, Sebonack, or The National, and is the ultimate leisurely pursuit for Mexamptonites.  Designed by a world class championship golf course designer who specializes in economic apocalypses and misbehaving imaginary animals, our award winning par 49 course is built for the 99%; everyone’s a winner.    Betty says it’s a lot of fun, though she has never played a round of golf on it because she does not go outside.  Betty’s imaginary pets live on the golf course, so please be mindful of them as you enjoy your round of golf.  There is a six stroke limit per hole and you must be 50″ to participate. The Golf Course opens at 4pmm Monday-Friday & 10am on Saturday & Sunday.

The Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off Golf Course includes the following holes:

1)  800 lb. Gorilla in he Country Club. Par 6

2)  Show Me the Money, Mother. Par 6

3)  Proper Breeding.  Par 6

4)  Big Apple? Minnie Apple!. Par 6

5)  The Dinner Party with Sparkle (The Donkey). Par 6

6)  Burberry (The Cow). Par 6

7)  Wall Street. Par 6

8)  Trust Fund Confusion. Par 1

9)  Free Bear Hugs Ahead! Par 6


Golf is also sold in packages and these can be purchased from the caddie shack. Each package includes one round of golf, a golf club of some sort, a golf ball and score card.

Golfers must adhere to all course rules, of which there are few, but they are strict.

1) No smoking on the course.

2) Golf clubs are not weapons. Golf clubs must not hit the animals as this is very disturbing and will make Betty cry. Golf balls may roll into the animals, but that is because you are a poor golfer and need to practice. This is okay. Rory Mcllroy is not a current member (that we can disclose, anyway) so he will not be giving lessons at this time.

3) Mini adults (children) under 50” are not allowed to have a golf club in their possession.  Why?  Because there are a lot of things they can “accidentally” break with it and we also don’t want  ladies in pretty dresses hit in the shin with a random ball.

4) All golf balls are to remain on the course. Don’t let balls roll onto walkways or into seating areas.

5) Intoxicated adults will not be issued golf clubs and/or will have their golf clubs immediately returned to the caddie shack.  Don’t be that person.